Sustainable support for our communities

WomenFuture started with an idea around the Woman of the Year Award – and has later developed into both a foundation (Zanzibar WomenFuture Foundation), a record company for female artists (WomenFuture Records), a women academy (WomenFuture Tailoring Academy), and now we have also started a chicken yard program for women (WomenFuture Chicken Yards).

In WomenFuture Chicken Yards we are loaning women in Zanzibar a start up kit for a chicken yard. The kit contains 5 local chickens ready for laying, 1 rooster, 1 small chicken house, and one bag of feed + training, and a follow up by a mentor from the WomenFuture Team.

After 3 months, if treated right, these chicks will have multiplied into 36 chickens. Then the woman pays us back for the loan with 5 chickens, that we will give on to another woman, and she is than the legal owner of the farm and all what comes with it. She can later also supply their yard with layer chickens to produce eggs, start producing vegetables with manure from the chickens and so on. Make it into a sustainable business for her and her family.