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Aisha Bakary

From the Award Ceremony at African House October 11th 2019

Aisha smiling at the Woman of the Year award ceremony 2019.
Aisha receiving the diploma for Woman of the Year 2019.
Aisha at the Woman of the Year ceremony 2019.
People at the Woman of the Year ceremony 2019.

Winner 2019

Aisha Bakary was born in 1995 on Zanzibar. She has an education diploma in information technology and has been DJ-ing since 2015. In 2019 she made business of her passion as a DJ. Today she is working as the first female DJ on Zanzibar under the name of “The Hijab DJ”.

Her accomplishments are of great inspiration and make her stand out as the winner of Woman of the Year 2019.

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What is

WomenFuture is an annual award of Woman of the Year in Zanzibar. Through a nomination process, a winner will be chosen by a jury. We will turn the spotlight on an outstanding woman in Zanzibar who has done something extraordinary or special by profiling herself as a role model and an inspiration for other women on the island.

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What is
Woman of the Year?

The prize Woman of the Year is a recognition of a woman who has taken leadership in some form or another, whether it is to elevate others in her community, achievement of business or management success, entrepreneurship or in other ways been a driving force in the society - and thus has the potential to inspire and be looked upon as a role model for other women.

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